Urbana activists host third weekend of Black Lives Matter protests


URBANA, Md (WDVM) – A group of teenage activists set up for their third round of protests in Urbana on Sunday for the Black Lives Matter movement.

17-year-old Lindzie Gordon is just one of several Urbana teenagers that have been using their weekends to organize demonstrations calling for social justice and police reform.

“We’re continuing to have these kind of protests because we’ve been getting a lot of hate from our community,” Gordon said. “And that’s encouraging us to continue this because we’re not seeing that change yet.”

Organized through social media and group chats, the rallies have seen an attendance of primarily young people holding signs and chanting various calls for change.

Gordon said organizing the event is easy, but motivating people to attend can be the hard part.

“We all just kind of take jobs that we feel like would best fit us and it’s actually pretty quick,” Gordon said. “We just choose what we want, figure out all the details and then invite people to come”

Urbana resident Isabella Lowrey said they want legitimate reform and change to laws, policing and the education system to better reflect equality for the black community.

“You can paint ‘Black lives matter’ on as many streets as you want, but we’re not seeing that reflected in our laws, in our culture, in our society, which is why we’re not giving up this fight,” Lowrey said. “So I’ll go to as many protests as need be until I see that in a tangible form.”

Gordon said all of their protests are planned as peaceful and they stick to the sidewalks as they march by main streets and through neighborhoods hoping to raise awareness for the movement.

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