The Bernie Sanders for President-Organizing Kickoff is underway


A Germantown, Maryland house full of Bernie Sanders supporters gathered in the grassroots movement Bernie Sanders For President-Organizing Kickof event Saturday afternoon.

According to Bernie Sander’s campaign staff, this party was one of an estimated 5,000 house parties happening in the USA and overseas. There was food, refreshments and plenty of talk about giving presidential hopeful Sanders the win to knock President Trump out of the White House.

Maryland Delegate Vaugh Stewart attended the party, saying he wanted to not only get to know his constituents, but wanted to support Sanders with them.

“Bernie Sanders is at the very top in terms of candidate quality. He’s the most progressive, he has put forth the boldest vision and he wants to help those that need it the most.” Stewart said.

He also mentioned that although he believes Trump needs to get out of the White House the President is not the problem but a sympton of a bigger problem.

“Just removing Donald Trump, getting him out of the White House, will be putting us back to square one just like in 2016 and that still leaves a lot of folks behind,” Stewart commented.

The host of the party Bobby Barlett also said, “Sanders addresses a lot of the fundamental problems of this country, inequality not just wealth and income, but power. It’s of a society that is dominated and run by the wealthy and well to do.”

During the live feed of #ORGANIZEWITHBERNIE, Sanders said his campaign plans to target independent voters who might have given up on politics, and wants to bring out young people to vote. 

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