Tattoo shop offers cat tattoos for local nonprofit


What does a tattoo shop and a nonprofit organization have in common? They will do anything when it comes to raising funds for animals.

When someone hears the word fundraiser, they would assume a bake sale or a game, but one nonprofit organization in Thurmont is taking a permanent route. 

“It is a great thing and it is so unique and so different and they raise a lot of money for us and we are so appreciate at the rescue,” said Karen Kinnaird, president of Cuddle Cat Rescue. 

Cuddles Cat Rescue takes in cats from the community…get them spayed and neutered in hopes of finding them a permanent home, but the cost to do that is not cheap. 

For vet bills that is our biggest expense…Getting them spayed and neutered, rabies shots, distemper shots, a lot of times cats and kittens come in sick with eye problems,” said Kinnaird. 

That is where Red Canary Tattoo steps in. For one week only, the tattoo shop offers certain types of cat design tattoos where money go towards the nonprofit. 

“Getting a tattoo in general is really a exciting process for a lot of people, so this is a cool experience for us to give people a tattoo that they love and also be able to help out in the community,” said Andrea Munk, Red Canary Tattoo. 

Valerie Nichols and Timothy Greenfield are returning back to the shop for a second time saying it is all for the kitties. 

“It is for a really great cause and we love tattoo’s anyway and we are both animal welfare workers, so we love getting tattooed for a good cause,” said Nichols. 

The fundraiser is in its third year. Last year, they raised around $11,000. The fundraiser goes from Dec.10-16th 2018 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. For $20, you can get a tattoo from the cat flash, additional designs will also be available this year.

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