Silver Spring residents offer prayers for earthquake victims


The Converted Heart CME church in Silver Spring prays for their loved ones still feeling the shock

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WDVM) — On Sunday morning, residents prayed in Silver Spring, Md. for those impacted by the California earthquakes.

Rocky Twyman, a Montgomery County resident, has a good friend named Dr. Alpha Omega Curry who is in Southern California and felt the blow.

Well it just broke my heart to hear her break down like that, ” said Twyman as he held a sign that says ‘Book of Prayer for Californians’.”

“She said the shaking was so fierce,” he continued. “So I don’t know how badly her house has been damaged or anything because since the 7.1 earthquake, I can’t even reach her.”

Friday’s earthquake near Ridgecrest is the largest one to hit Southern California in almost twenty years.

Unforanately, only the day before, there was another 6.4 magnitude earthquake near San Bernadino. These weren’t the only natural disasters but fire broke out throughout areas.

Members with the Converted Heart CME church prayed about this and ask people to have faith. Afterall, says Twyman, these aren’t things we can control.

“We so often want to depend on man,” he said. “And in these kinds of circumstances, man is just powerless.”

But men carrying political power, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom, estimate over 100 million dollars in economic damages and ask the federal government for help. Twyman chuckles at the thought of the White House caring.

“(President) Donald trump can’t help us,” he said.

But yet even thought of Trump and man can’t do much to prevent natural disasters, the president made an emergency declaration for the area to make funds available to them.

“At least him and Newsom are in agreement,” added Twyman as he heads back to the prayer group.

The Converted Heart CME church concluded the prayer meeting in a spirit-lifting song. Participants said to WDVM that no matter what you believe in, this is an eye-opener for people to be more loving, kind and embrace each other.

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