Science center opened to students

Over 600 kids tour Johns Hopkins

ROCKVILLE, Md. - A group of middle schoolers from across Montgomery County were invited to the Rockville campus of Johns Hopkins University to get a look at the labs were science and medical breakthroughs take place.

Many of these kids have only seen stuff like this in the movies and according to doctor Kristina Obom, that lack of real work interaction is part of the problem.

"It is a chance for us to kind of let them see what happens in a real lab and to use the equipment that we have here and to think about their future in either science engineering or medicine,” said Doctor Obom.

There were over a dozen hands on educational exhibits with activities such as DNA analysis - disease detection and the art of forensics research.

The cyber hacking demonstrations drew a lot of attention as kids saw how video games could lead to identity theft if their gamer profiles aren’t properly protected.

"So their account can get hacked,” said cyber security expert Amanda Foster. “Things can get stolen off their account. Any account details. Bank account details and then also social media account details like all that kind of stuff."

The exhibits were also being led by a number of Johns Hopkins' own graduate students who took the opportunity to act as teachers to their young peers for the first time.

In total, over 600 kids from Benjamin Banneker Middle School and Briggs Chaney Middle School were able to tour the labs and explore the demonstrations.

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