School embraces mental health awareness

Students plan anti-anxiety activities

BETHESDA, Md. - A group of students at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School are putting on a series of mental health awareness events to help their friends and fellow students. 

The leadership class at BCC has put together a week of events aimed at healing the mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday's activities included meditation, concentration and deep breathing exercises.

Students are being encouraged to enjoy yoga, live musical performances and group coloring throughout the rest of the week.

Event organizers said their goal is to show teens new ways to do with and overcome daily anxiety's.

"For teenagers on top of dealing with hormones and growing up and the coming of age experience to have all this school work and class work and dealing with so many different things, it is a lot of handle and so as a school we need to acknowledge that," said BCC senior Melissa Carr.

Carr also said she hopes other schools will take notice of mental health awareness week and consider hosting similar events for their own students.

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