Runner and trash picker upper, or “plogger” does so almost daily for the last five years

It’s hot and muggy outside but while others are spending Memorial Day Weekend relaxing, Alan Speicher is spending his time running and picking up trash.
“It’s good for my heath,” said Speicher, “and whoever does it, it’s good for their health.”
Not only is it good for his health, Speicher said, but also for the health of the earth or so to speak.
Plogging, which is running while picking up trash, has been considered to have started in Sweden. Speicher claims he actually started it long before Sweden did. He also says he has been plogging for the last five years. 
“For me, it’s a way to celebrate where I live,” Speicher added.
He even created a plogging club for runners in Ashburn, Virginia called TPC Ashburn and his kids participate in this activity. And for the holidays, like Memorial Day Weekend, he heads to Gaithersburg and cleans up the neighborhood around his mom’s house.
“It’s good for the area, the community and the country…” said Speicher.

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