Residents gather to express concern regarding resolution on Monocacy Scenic River Plan


Another public hearing was held on the Monocacy Scenic River Plan after a Council member has proposed a resolution that she says would help everyone involved. 

Frederick County, Md., residents were back at Winchester Hall on Tuesday night to discuss a resolution towards the Monocacy Scenic River Plan,

A public hearing was held to discuss the resolution that Council member and Vice President, M.C. Keegan-Ayer presented just weeks ago. To find the resolution, click here.  

“This is my attempt to fix this,” said Keegan-Ayer. That is our jobs as elected leaders. Therefore, I am asking you if have specific that you think it is not addressed, please give us the specifics.”

The resolution states what the plan does not do including: advocating for the use of private land or the involuntary acquisition of property 

Some of the same faces were seen and heard. 

“It provides a frame work for the enhanced stewardship of this magnificent natural resource while at the same time respecting property rights,” said RALE member, Matt Seubert. 

“I am in favor of the current plan,” said Frederick County resident, Robert Lander. “I am in favor of the current resolution. I think it resolves the differences quite well.” 

While others say that the issue is a process problem. 

“If it takes seven points to point out what the plan does not do, then something is wrong with the plan, said citizen and property owner, Richard Kleinman.” 

Residents say that the river board should have the plan back to fix it.

“I strongly urge you to regret the proposed resolution with would adopt the flawed plan for the 2017 river plan as it is currently written,” said another property owner, Gabe Lawson. 

The public hearing lasted for close to three hours. After the hearing, Council member Tony Chmelik made a motion to vote on the resolution. Council member Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter seconded the motion. However, Council President, Bud Otis said that the motion was out of the order. Otis expressed that he was not ready to make a vote as well as other members said too. 

The resolution is set to go back to the County Council agenda. 

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