Recruits participate in night operations ahead of graduation


It is one week before recruits with the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services will graduate and they got a preview of what their days as first responders will be like.

“They got to stop everything they are doing,” said Cpt. Lenne Stolberg, Recruit Training Coordinator. “They got to run out and get on the apparatus and go to an incident that all they know is minimal information about.”
With 800 hours of training in over seven in a half months, 22 recruits from Class 23 with the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services are getting a preview of what it is like out the field. 

“You are doing maybe some things you have not done in six months and you are alsodoing things you learned yesterday. You are learning new stuff as you’re a participating in the different evolutions,” said Recruit, Sadie Bertier. 

Since Friday afternoon, these recruits have been participating in scenarios that will most likely happen during their work shift in what officials call, Night Operations. 

“They get exposed to things that they have not seen in training, but are likely to see out in the real world,” said Cpt. Stolberg. “As close we can stimulate in a training environment.”  

Medical calls to car wrecks and house fires are just some scenarios the recruits went through. 

“There are a lot of spontaneous things that happen,” continued Bertier. “A lot of thinking on the spot and it does help give you an idea of what you are going to have to be on your feet.” 

After hours of being away from their families during the academy, families and friends were invited to see their recruits in action. 

“He was the one with the hose. He was the first one in the building. So it is wild, but I am super proud of him,” said Kaite Mahotz. “He has put so much effort into it and he can not stop talking about it. It has become his passion. So, it is awesome to see it all come together.” 

Officials say that 60 scenarios occurred throughout the whole event. 

The ceremony for the recruits will be held on April 13th. 

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