Proposed river plan amendments receive approval


Residents who live along the Monocacy River gathered in Frederick as the county council discussed new amendments to the Monocacy River Plan.

Since 2014, the county has been looking to update the 1990 plan that managed the river’s ecology, resources and history. Throughout the process, citizens spoke against the plan, saying it would damage property rights for those who live along the river. Whereas, environmental groups spoke for the plan in hopes of addressing environmental issues.

On April 9, both sides said the amendments were a fair compromise.

“We do view the approach that the council has taken as a reasonable compromise that is not incongruous with the environmental objectives and interests,” said Harry George of the Smarter Growth Alliance.

“The Association of Realtors who’ve been defending property rights also thought the 2018 plan addressed specific concerns that they had with the 2017 plan,” said Peggy Elgin of Rocky Ridge, Maryland.

The county council approved a total of 22 amendments to the 2018 river plan.

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