Poll shows most Maryland residents are against a possible DC toll charging drivers entry

Washington, DC leaders are in talks about charging those driving into the Nation’s Capitol a fee via a toll. In the Washington Post-Schar School Poll, those surveyed about the DC toll strongly oppose it.
66 percent of those who are against the toll comes from Maryland. That percentage is higher than in Virginia and Washington D.C.
Three Maryland drivers expressed their disdain for the potential toll that might be located at the heart of DC. “The devil is in the detail, that is a tax on work,” says a Bethesda mom Ann Jablon, “People are driving into work and now they are going to have to pay?”
Proponents of potential tolls in Downtown DC during busy times explain that it would greatly reduce congestion. However, most Maryland residents still aren’t buying it.
“I think ways of looking at reducing ways to reduce traffic has merit but I personally don’t love it,” explained Jablo. She added for those that suggest her using the metro that because she has kids there are obligations she can’t carry out without a car.
Melvin Taylor, another Maryland driver that is in disagreement with DC tolls says he also doesn’t want to have to resort to taking the metro due to avoiding paying toll fees in DC.
“When I have a date night planned, I won’t be able to go to D.C,” Melvin said. He says he likes to take his wife on dates and if she has to be all dressed up on the metro it wouldn’t be ideal.
There are more problems with the metro that a third driver, Yury Bentacourt, expressed.
“DC is taking in a lot of visitors. Most of those visitors might use a rental car,” said Bentacourt. ” They will be having to pay toll fees on top of other fees.”
Her message to DC decision-makers is that they should put their thinking caps on and, “plan something better.”

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