Policy changes on speed calming devices approved by Middletown officials


MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Middletown officials have approved two policies for road devices: one that helps pedestrians and another that could curb speeding.

On Monday night, town commissioners and the burgess passed both a policy change for raised crosswalks, and an entirely new framework for speed tables.

Officials specified that though raised crosswalks warn drivers to slow down, they should not be used as a primary source of traffic slow-down.

Officials also addressed where speed tables, which are longer speed bumps, can be placed on local roads.

“We try to put there on newly constructed roads or where we’re reconstructing a road…where the 85th percentile is above 25, or whatever the posted speed limit is,” explained Burgess John Miller.

Officials say there is currently no street in Middletown that sees a significant amount of drivers traveling more than 5-miles-per-hour above the speed limit, and that the policy is a proactive one.

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