Pennyworth Thrift Store celebrates 65 years


Pennyworth Thrift Store has been a staple in the Silver Spring community for 65 years.

It started in 1953, inspired by a Grace Episcopal Church member who collected and donated items from her car.

Barbara Lipscomb, a Pennyworth Board member said “[we have spent the last] 65 years of serving the Silver Spring community and our church. We are a nonprofit church ministry.”

Pennyworth Thrift Shop is a nonprofit and everything is donated by generous members in the community from small appliances, clothes, shoes, books, and toys.

“I like to help the church and in doing this for donations” said Abi Girma a Pennyworth customer and donor.

They have a group of about 40 people who volunteer regularly to keep the shop going.

“In my 14 years I’ve been a shopper, a donor, and a volunteer,” said Elaine Barber, a Pennyworth volunteer.

“[We support] church ministries and we do greater ministries, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and we send shoes to Africa,” Barber continued.

The store survived many closings of businesses in the city.

“I’ve bought pillows, a lot of stuff mostly everything in my house is from here,” said Dannie Kelly,  a longtime Pennyworth customer.

Although members of the Pennyworth board support the Purple Line Project, they are hoping the store will remain in the same location so the store will continue to serve another 65 years.

Board members said they are always accepting drop offs for donations.

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