Peaceful protest held in Montgomery County for George Floyd


Two more peaceful protests are scheduled for this week in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Peaceful protests continued Monday around the country and in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Teens from across Montgomery County marched along a busy Great Seneca Highway

“…To serve justice for black people,” said protester, Persia Steetram.

All joining together to demand justice for George Floyd.

“That the police stop doing what they are doing and killing us,” said another protester Icyss Seetram.

DC Teen Actions, a group that promotes social activities for teens, wanted participants to express their frustrations not only Floyd’s death, but other black men and women

“Police need to stop killing black people,” said another protestor Rashad Moore.

“They see one of us running..They shoot us,” said Persia Seetram. “They see white people running and they let it go. They think we commit a crime. They want to shoot us… They want to arrest us… Sit us down and ask questions… They just assume we do something because you see us in the streets.”

Montgomery County Department of Police, Chief of Police, Marcus Jones released a statement Monday in regards to the death of George Floyd, he wrote:

“I was saddened and angered to watch the video circulated recently which depicted the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. To watch a person’s life be slowly and callously taken away before our very eyes shakes the core of committed and dedicated police officers. I am also frustrated. I am frustrated because I know this incident will be a brush by which our entire profession will be painted and it was an inhumane act. The acts of these officers in Minneapolis are not representative of our profession and they are certainly not representative of the values of our department as a whole.” “Myself, and the rest of the Montgomery County Department of Police, stand with those seeking peaceful discourse at the local and national level on race relations, policing and reform.”

Two more peaceful protests are scheduled for this week in Montgomery County. One will be held in Bethesda on Tuesday, June 2nd at 1 p.m. A second one is scheduled for Friday, June 5th at 1 p.m. outside of the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

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