Office of Human Rights host annual One Stop Fair Housing Shop


Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights will host their annual “One Stop Fair Housing Shop” to increase awareness of fair housing information.

The county hosted their One Stop Fair Housing Shop for awareness on discriminatory practices that officials say continue to exist. Montgomery County Office of Human Rights Director, Jim Stowe, said: “People are asking to make sure if they, in fact, are in compliance, and give people that opportunity to have these tools and aides to get along in the particular place that they are living.”

Different agencies in the county made a joint effort to touch on topics concerning disability accommodations, sources of income and even arrest records. Representatives from the county want residents to know their rights. Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission employee, Ethan Cohen, stated: “If you’re being discriminated against based on your religion, your gender, your color, your race, your nationality, the fact that you have children in your family, a disability.”

Officials believe there are fair housing discrimination issues that aren’t reported, and getting residents to understand is the first step to change that. County resident, Jerome Whing, said: “You can go to different places to get your rights and get things done.” Many had questions on housing guidelines for those with disabilities. “Some of us are getting older, so some may be subject to disabilities, and so people are asking about service animals,” Stowe informed. Ethan’s final words on the matter were, “What we are reminding people is that if you’re dealing with a realtor, or in a rental situation, that you are aware of what your rights are.”

Those who attended the seminar received a certificate of fair housing training.

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