NTSB underscores problem of speeding on local roads

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling out government officials at all levels, urging them to take speed enforcement more seriously, after new data revealed an average of 10,000 speed-related traffic deaths each year.
“It’s the first time we’ve seen a national leader and authoritative voice, like the National Transportation Safety Board, really underscore the problem of speed,” said Kathleen Ferrier, Communications Director, Vision Zero Network.
The national non-profit, Vision Zero Network, applauds several cities for leading the charge in decreasing drivers’ speed, including Montgomery County.
“Our fatality numbers are definitely down,” said Richard Hetherington, Manager, Automated Traffic Enforcement Unit, Montgomery County.
The county’s speed camera program has been in existence for a decade now, utilizing 38 fixed poll cameras, five mobile vans and 36 portable cameras.
“One of the concepts that we try to work with in the county is have people believe that there could be a camera anywhere,” Hetherington said.
If you clock in 12 mph or more over the speed limit, you will be issued a $40 civil citation.
The NTSB cited a study reporting if all U.S. communities mirrored this program about 22,000 fatal or incapacitating injuries could be prevented in one year.
Seven states currently prohibit automated speed enforcement.
“NTSB calls for those restrictions to be lifted and for more states and cities to expand automated speed enforcement,” Ferrier said.

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