No Means No campaign starts to show the significance of consent


Montgomery County residents will start seeing cards and signs with the phrase, “No means no,” as a reminder on sexual consent.

The Victim Assistance & Sexual Assault program started the campaign to show the importance of a clear and enthusiastic ‘yes.’ The informational consent cards will be printed in both English and Spanish, which will be distributed in locations across the county. The campaign also advises the community that: just because there was a ‘yes’ given in the past does not mean there would be a current ‘yes,’ or a ‘yes,’ in the future. Victim Assistance & Sexual Assault Program Director, Nadja S.P. Cabello, said: “It goes to all genders and all ages, and it’s very simple. It’s just you have to obtain a clear and definitive ‘yes’ before you engage in sexual consent forms.”

The Director of VASAP says the division helped more than 400 victims of sexual assault in 2018, and numbers keep growing.

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