New teen center aiming to help steer youth in the right direction

Fuse Teen Center to help middle and high school students

THURMONT, Md. - "They can fuse together, and help take care of each other, be there for each other,” said Fuse Teen Center Founder, Susan Crone.

That's why it's called the Fuse Teen Center, located at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Thurmont. It's a new place for youth to gather. The founder, Susan Crone, has been a Frederick County Public School teacher for the past 30 years; she says during that time she noticed a lot of students losing their lives to suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol related accidents.

"Maybe at about 15 or 20, just of my personal students, then you factor in the kids who weren't my students but were in my school , and then you factor in the parents of those students, and that list keeps getting longer and longer,” said Crone.

That growing list  is what motivated crone to start Fuse.

"I said no that's it no more, I can do something, and I've been wanting to do something for a long time and I just kind of let negativity get in my way and you know, but when that happened I said I'm not going to sit here and watch one more. I might not make any difference at all but I'm going to try,” added Crone.

"Here at the church we have two rooms. There's a quiet room, and a more rowdy room. Just the differences in the room is we have quiet board games and puzzles, and there's usually food in here, and in the rowdy room there's ping pong and air hockey,” said Fuse Teen Center Volunteer, Emily Little.

The program welcomes youth ranging from middle to high school. It currently runs two nights a week throughout the summer.

"I'm hoping we'll be able to negotiate with the church to continue through the school year,” Crone added.


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