New State Highway Safety Report shows significant gaps in highway safety laws within the region


Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety just released their 16th annual State Highway Safety Report which grades traffic congestion and safety by state.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety’s new report shows significant gaps in highway safety laws within our region.

Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety President, Cathy Chase, said: “That comes at a very severe economic cost of nearly 4.5 billion dollars annually.”

In Maryland, back in 2017, a total of 550 people were killed on the road. Tuesday, officials discussed steps to improve roadway safety throughout the country. Matt Gannon of Farmer’s Insurance stated, “It’s probably an issue of awareness education and the effort to get out there and educate lawmakers; educate the constituents.”

The report shows: in many states, seat belt and car seat laws need to be updated, including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Montgomery County resident, Kevin Loeb, told us: “I would say increasing traffic patrol and lower speed limits.”

Within our region, DC scored the highest when it comes to traffic safety, followed by Maryland and West Virginia getting a “Caution” grade. The report shows Virginia with a “Danger” rating. Traffic safety advocates say the way to fix this issue is to pass more laws. “If every state, this year, just enacted one law, we would have 50 new laws, and people would be safer all over the country,” Chase expressed.

Data shows: in 2017, more than 37,000 people were killed in car crashes in the U.S.

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