New school schedule unveiled for Montgomery County


A few unique changes have been made to the 2019 Montgomery County Public Schools schedule, which was just unveiled to the public.

Spring break has been extended, now back up to a full ten days.

The students and faculty originally had six days for spring break, but were given an extra four days, giving students more time for college-related visits if applicable.

Also, two non-instructional days were set aside for the Jewish holy days of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.

The start and end dates have been set at September 3 and June 15.

This year’s calendar was created with help from over 3,000 public input community comments.

“The calendar is an important part of the school structure. It is how people decide when they are going to go on vacation, when they need to support their kids with child care so we really wanted to hear from every community member we could,” said Derek Turner, an MCPS official.

The schedule comes with a total of 182 instructional days with a state mandated minimum of 180.

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