New roller coaster unveiled at Six Flags America


A new roller coaster is being unveiled at Six Flags America with one major jaw-dropping feature.

Rising from the ashes of the Apocalypse roller coaster that once stood at Six Flags America, the Upper Marlboro amusement park is unveiling its newest ride, Firebird. 

“It’s almost like Starbucks in a way- it will wake you up if you’re not fully awake,” joked roller coaster enthusiast, Al Clowe.

And that jolt of energy is made in part by one key feature of the coaster- the floorless train that has your feet dangling in the open. 

“Because you’re so exposed, you get more of a sensation of speed because the air is hitting you from everywhere,” said fellow coaster enthusiast, Sam Marks.

Clowe, Marks, and dozens of fellow members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization, joined WDVM’s Jasmine Pelaez on one of the first rides of the new coaster.

The thrill lasts about two minutes and take riders through a nine-story drop and two inversions and more.

Officials say the two new state-of-the-art floorless trains offers a smoother ride. 

“It’s all about literally the next generation of roller coaster experiences. People get a chance to ride a coaster that’s totally been reimagined, re-themed. You’ve got these new coaster trains- that just hardly ever happens,” explained communications manager at Six Flags America, Denise Stokes.

Riders hit a max speed of about 56-miles-per-hour along the 2,900-foot track.

And for the finale, the coaster makes a final run by fire. 

“For me, riding a roller coaster is about doing something that’s scary, but I know in my head I’m safe. I get to experience the free-floating and that flying feeling, so many different sensations, but I know I’m perfectly safe and going to roll back into the station,” explained Elizabeth Ringas with America Coaster Enthusiasts.

Firebird at Six Flags America opens to the public Friday.

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