Mount St. Mary's University welcomes second largest incoming class

Officials say added sports teams, academic courses is drawing more students

Emmitsburg, Md - More than 500 freshmen students came to Mount St. Mary's University for move in day. 

Best friends Dylen Myrie and Billy Cook are just two new students beginning to navigate their first day of college.

"Everyone, they just come to you and ask if you need help and we all really appreciate that cause we have so many things and so many questions,” freshman student, Dylen Myrie explained.

These roommates are also student athletes on the track team.

School officials says athletics has been a focus of improvement in order to attract more and more students.

"We’ve added six teams over the last two years. We've gone from 16 teams two years ago to 22 division one teams this year," explained president of Mount St. Mary’s University, Timothy Trainor.

Another factor in gaining the second largest incoming class in the Mount's history, is the addition of even more courses.

"Last year, we started a cyber security program, which is growing a lot, a major in entrepreneurship, a combined major in philosophy, politics and economics, and a major in forensic accounting," Trainor said.

For some students, one of the biggest draws is the size of the school, about 1,500 acres, and small student population of about 2,000.

"The people, I feel like I connected with them, and the school I fell in love with the atmosphere. And I fell in love with the track team and the music program so it's really great," Myrie said.

School officials are also reassuring parents that a review of campus safety this year, led by U.S. Homeland Security, has led to more measures. 

"We’re expanding the number of security cameras and things like that," Trainor assured.

School officials are also welcoming the university's largest number of transfer students.

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