Montgomery County strives for safe drinking water in public schools


Montgomery County officials are making efforts to get lead out of drinking water in public schools. Tuesday a few council members introduced a bill to help those efforts.

After testing drinking water in Montgomery County Public Schools officials found excessive lead levels in some of the water fountains.

To ensure clean drinking water in every school Councilmember, Tom Hucker, introduced a bill that would establish a county lead limit for drinking water that is stricter than the states requirement.

“DC and Prince George’s County both have lower more health protective standards than Montgomery does,” said Tom Hucker, Montgomery County Councilmember

Officials say the high levels are posing threats to kids, and it also impacts their physical and mental health.

“It’s very scary to hear there’s such high levels all over Montgomery County,” Joy Ware, MCPS student said.

“Knowing the water we drink at school could essentially not be safe that’s scary” said Izzy Bohorquez, MCPS student.

Although MCPS meets state requirements officials say that’s not enough.

“Were going to have to help fund the school system to take more of the fountains out of commission and install filters to get the led out of the water,” said Hucker.

The next step will be to create a budget to install filters in schools that are affected.

The report shows nearly 90 out of 200 schools had elevated lead levels in their drinking water.  For the drinking water test report visit the website.  

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