Montgomery County puts bill in place banning the sale of e-cigarettes near public schools


County officials also have plans to sue manufacturers of electronic cigarettes

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County now has a bill in place that will ban e-cigarettes from being sold within a half-mile of all middle and high schools.

Nineteen out of 22 vape shops are in close proximity to schools. The council took the final vote Tuesday that will now enforce strict policies that would prevent the youth from having easy access to vapes or e-cigarettes. There were nearly 30 cases of lung illnesses related to vaping, and numerous cases of Montgomery County school students falling ill after improperly using vapes. Smoke-free advocates say the bill is especially important during the coronavirus outbreak because those who smoke have a greater risk of contracting the virus due to the state and health of smokers’ lungs. Although numbers show great health risks, some are still concerned over the state of businesses affected. Smoke-free Advocate of Montgomery County, Adam Zimmerman said, “Smokers, and those who use e-cigarettes, are more susceptible to not only contracting COVID-19, but if they do get it, having a more severe case because their lung capacity is compromised to begin with.”

Zimmerman has been a smoke-free advocate in the county for many years. Montgomery County also has plans to sue manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

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