Montgomery County parents protest non-public school closures


They gathered, condemning the County's decision to close non-public schools through October 1.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Parents and school officials gathered at the Montgomery County Executive Office Building Wednesday evening to protest on behalf of their private schools.

Gathered with signs and chants, they condemned the recent decision for non-public schools to be closed through October 1st. Here at the montgomery county executive office building, demonstrators have gathered to protest the county’s decision to close non-public schools.

“I trust my children’s school. I trust them with my daughter’s life. With their academics, with their character development,” Private school parent Grace McNicholas said. “This is our choice.”

The decision was enacted by Dr. Travis Gayles on July 31, citing authority as a Health Officer under the Governor’s declaration of a health emergency.

On August 2, Governor Larry Hogan enacted an executive order, overturning Gayles’ decision.

“We’re continuing to review the impact on the directive and once that process has been completed, we will again make the necessary announcements,” Gayles said. “And it will be clear in terms of what direction we will be taking at that point.”

Wednesday evening, Dr. Gayles rescinded the original order, and implemented a new directive continuing to prohibit the reopening of non-public schools, citing a different Maryland law.

According to the release, the directive will remain in effect until October 1 unless it is rescinded, superseded, amended or revised by additional orders.

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