Montgomery County climate activists on hunger strike


The strike is part of a national demonstration.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Nearly 20 members of a Montgomery County climate organization are on a hunger strike. The demonstrators are asking officials to act now as they say there is a “climate emergency.”

Thousands of climate activists across the U.S. have been protesting for officials to act on what they call a climate emergency, and here locally, the Montgomery County Climate Mobilization is taking the last resort going on a hunger strike.

 “I’m just drinking water to let our council know that we care enough about the future of our planet that we’re going to not eat today,” said Dr. Jim Driscoll of the Montgomery County chapter of The Climate Mobilization. 

Montgomery County has been graded on its efforts to tackle climate change; a local climate coalition gave the county a score of 32% (failing) on its efforts.

“The council has done essentially nothing in those two years that implements a resolution on an emergency basis,” said Driscoll.

“It’s not enough, it’s not nearly enough, we need to get to net zero, the IPCC says by 2050 and we need to get to half by 2030,” said Stephen Leas, Extinction Rebellion member.

Two years ago the county declared a climate emergency, recognizing the importance to eliminate greenhouse gases and to promote greener buildings, the organization is asking for county officials to immediately declare all buildings to be net zero — eliminating toxic gasses.

“We have to get more people onto buses, get them on the Metro, get them on the MARC line, and we need to make sure that individuals aren’t driving single occupancy vehicles all throughout our region, that is the single biggest thing that we can do,” said Evan Glass, Montgomery County Councilmember.

The strikers are all asking the officials to act now so generations after can live on. The county’s department of environmental protection has a plan to go net zero by 2023.

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