Montgomery County celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day


Thursday was the 25th anniversary of national take your child to work day – hundreds of employees in Montgomery County brought their kids out to show them what their jobs are like on a daily.

Over 300 kids in Montgomery County got a chance to see what their parents do on a daily basis.

“I want to be a police officer, because I like it,” said Aspen Ibai, MCPD employee’s child.

The county hosted take your child to work day to help children of all ages to explore the possibilities with over 25 different interactive activities and booths.

“I went into the truck to see what it was like and I was doing some quizzes,” said Eddie Newman, Montgomery County employee’s child.

There were mock interviews, fitness sessions, and finance activities all to give the kids a quick preview of what it’s like to be a grown up.

“I’d like to become a soccer player when I grow up,” said Paul Albornoz, Councilman Gabe Albornoz’s son.

Montgomery County councilmember Gabe Albornoz says this is the first time his kids got to see what he does since he was elected into the council.

“These two are brother and sister and they are the reason I get up every morning and try to work as hard as I can on behalf of our residents, I want to make sure they have a bright future,” said Gabe Albornoz,  Montgomery County councilmember.

Several agencies within the county were in attendance including Montgomery County Police, sheriffs’ deputies and Health and Human Services.

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