Metro launches new awareness campaign to stop harassment


Metro is launching a new public awareness campaign to stop harassment on public transportation.

The new ads will run for the rest of April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Commuter, Eden Trowell, said: “It’s pretty common around here. We don’t think too much of it.” Many, like Eden, who says she’s experienced certain gestures, or maybe cat-calling, and she agrees it can be annoying. “I have actually witnessed people doing inappropriate things on the train,” she stated.

This is why Metro just launched a new campaign to stop harassment. You will start seeing the ads on their buses and trains. The ad has four steps that include:

Sidetrack – Try asking distracting questions.

Tell – By alerting someone.

Observe – By keeping your distance and mentally taking note of the situation.


Postpone – By helping a person being harassed by asking if they are okay.

These steps apply whether you’re a victim or witnessing harassment. Those behind the ad are in the hopes this will inspire more people to report incidents so everyone feels safe. “Metro has gotten a lot better with safety, but if they can eliminate harassment in general, then the younger girls don’t have to go through it at all,” Trowell stated.

The ads will appear on 700 buses and 500 trains over the next few weeks.

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