Maryland residents react to Sri Lanka attacks


Many across the globe are still mourning the hundreds of lives lost in the attacks in Sri Lanka this past Sunday.

Former candidate for Maryland governor, Krish Vignarajah, talks about her first reaction when she learned about the attacks on Sri Lanka early Sunday morning.

“One of my aunts still lives there. We have several cousins, so the immediate next step for me was, of course, trying to figure out if anyone has been harmed,” said Vignarajah, born in Sri Lanka.

The attacks happened less than 10 miles from where her family lived. Vignarajah was born in Sri Lanka, but left when she was nine months old, as her parents were fleeing a civil war. She was in church when she heard the news.

“On one hand, I thought…let the fact that the attacks on Easter Sunday remind us that there is life after death,” said Vignarajah.

Vignarajah says she became devastated as the details kept pouring in.

“It felt very familiar,” Vignarajah.

Very familiar, because it reminds her of what her family has been through for decades. Over the past 40 years, the country has gone through disasters like the civil war and a devastating tsunami. She hopes her native country remains strong, and says these attacks intend to create division.

“And I hope that our response is the exact opposite, and that we come together…because these attacks are, of course, on specific religions…but really, they are an attack on humanity,” said Vignarajah.

The pastor of Rockville Christian Church says her congregation is holding all of those affected in their prayers.

“We remember that there is still hope. There is Easter hope in the resurrection, and that death does not have the last word,” said Elizabeth Baird, pastor of Rockville Christian Church.

Tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning in Sri Lanka.

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