Marc Elrich wins the seat for Montgomery County Executive

Elrich lead by nearly 70%

SILVER SPRING, Md. - In Montgomery County, Democratic candidate Marc Elrich took the lead in a three-way race for Montgomery County Executive.

He won the seat with about 70% percent of the vote.

Elrich had the lead, followed behind by Independent candidate Nancy Floreen at 20%, and Republican candidate Robin Ficker at 16%.

"I have to put together a transition team and start thinking about what they want the new administration to look like," said Elrich.

Other elected officials shared optimism for Maryland.

“It looks like we’re going to hold on to our veto majority in the Senate which was something that was critically important for us,” said Senator Will Smith, D-20.

“Anyone who thinks their vote doesn’t matter is terribly wrong. There are many races that are decided by a handful of votes," said supporter Everett Bellamy.

Elrich talked about the importance of early childhood education and business development.

"There’s not a lot of big jobs here. That’s why Amazon was such a big deal. I think there are opportunities to grow new businesses here,” said voter and business owner David Feldman.

"I got a lot of stuff from people in the campaign, who felt like oh, he was just saying it and I’m like no I’m actually going to do this," said Elrich.

Ike Leggett is retiring as Montgomery County Executive in December.

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