League of Women Voters looks to celebrate 100 years


According to the Frederick County Board of Education, democrats now lead republicans by 16 registered voters.

FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — The League of Women Voters is celebrating 100 years strong this coming February. 

For the past 100 years, the league has focused on voters and the vital role they play in a democracy. The 19th amendment was ratified in 1920. And still, decades later, the group still advocates for change, so that the next generation can have a better life. 

 “It’s very important for young girls, young girls of all colors, all nationalities, ethnicities, races to understand that they have that power too,” said centennial committee chair, Rochelle Kithcart. “It might be a little challenge, but one day we are going to get there to where it won’t be such a wall or a glass ceiling that we have to break through.”

The league will have a display in the C. Burr Arts public library for the whole month of February for people to learn about the Women’s Sufferage Movement and rights. The local Girl’s Scouts, Women’s Civic Club, and sororities will be on display as well. 

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