Judge rules senate candidate can’t run after losing primaries


With less than 50 days until the election, a Maryland man running for U.S. Senate was told by a federal judge that he can not be on the ballot because he already lost in the primary.

In the primary election, Jerry Segal ran against Senator Ben Cardin as a democrat and was unsuccessful. In August, he created a new party called Bread and Roses.

Segal hoped to get back on the ballot as a Bread and Roses candidate for senate; however, a judge ruled against the candidacy, citing Maryland’s sore loser law. 

“People have a right to vote for who they want. So you start out with that and any infringement on people’s ability to get on the ballot has to be justified,” said Segal.

Segal said he is confident Bread and Roses will have candidates on the ballot in 2020. 

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