IRS expecting 153 million returns in 2019


According to the IRS about 153 million individual tax returns are were expected to be filed this year, and with just hours left before the deadline – many were in the last minute tax rush.

April 15 – better known as Tax Day – and it’s one of the busiest days of the year for many.

“Yesterday- this whole weekend we have been so busy,” said Maria Solis, the owner of Los Taxes.

Solis says it’s been a pretty busy season overall – especially with the new tax laws.

“The law changed now you can’t do the deductions that we used to do – mileage, phone, uniforms,” said Solis.

On Friday the IRS sent out a reminder to the 50 million taxpayers who did not file – the agency also reminds late filers on the different options available to them.

If you file late – the penalty is 5% per month and can be as much as 25%, depending on how late the taxpayer files.

“If you’re getting a refund you’re not going to pay a penalty. If you owe it will depend on how much you owe,” said Solis.

For those who would like to file an extension – there are still options for you to do so.

For a tax return filed more than 60 days late, the penalty is at least $215.

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