Inside the workings of a snow plow fleet


As much of the DMV found itself suddenly slammed by a surprise snow storm, thousands of men and women were already working to keep vital road ways clear.

The workers at the fleet management headquarters were up before 4 a.m. battling through rain, snow, sleet and slippery roads.

“This is our prime time of season to be seen in the community and we can address everyone in Montgomery County,” said Montgomery County Chief of Highway Services Richard Dorsey. “This is our opportunity to be heroes.”

As the first ones on the road, they are often the first to find and help drivers in distress.

Motorists are being reminded that they can be a big help to the plow drivers by giving them plenty of space on the road.

“We got a lot of people that jump in between the different trucks and that causes a hazard for them and us,” said Curry. “We are trying to stay together so that we can push all the snow to one side and off the road.”

Montgomery County roads were pre-treated and then hit with salt collected from the depot.

The depot has 300 drivers working over 400 pieces of equipment.

The record-setting day brought up to three inches of snow to some parts of the county.

“It came down quick,” said Dorsey. “We didn’t anticipate this amount of accumulation in such a short period of time.”

Drivers are being warned that heavy rains are expected overnight in Montgomery County which could re-freeze those roads that have been previously cleared and salted.

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