Hood College Republican’s display starts heavy debate on college’s campus


There has been a heavy debate on Hood College‘s campus in Frederick, Md., since Tuesday, when one Hood College organization showcased a display that some would say is controversial.

A bright red, white, and blue poster displays in Whitaker Commons on Hood College’s campus.

“This is an issue over the First Amendment. This is the right to the freedom of speech and association,” said President of the Hood College Republicans, Christopher Gardner.

The president of the Hood College Republicans said the display was to showcase Conservative Cultural values.

“They say, ‘You know as awful as we think some of these things are or even if we disagree, these are some things that should be said,’ because people do think these things and should be discussed,” said Gardner.

However, some students on campus found the display offensive with some of the pictures and quotes used. For example, one quote said “Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness…”

“I would like to say 100 percent, we do not agree with everything on it. The transgender comment where everyone seems to having the most issue with,” said Gardner.

Hood College’s President, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine, released a statement to students and community members. 

In the message, President Chapdelaine states, “Our first step was to give the college Republicans time to reflect on the effect their messages had on our community and offered them the opportunity to remove the offending messages. The students remained firm that their display should remain unchanged.”

The message from Hood’s president hangs right next to the display and continues to say, “Therefore, I have requested that we follow college procedures to determine if these messages have violated policy, with appropriate sanctions to follow should such a determination be made.”

The President of the Hood College Republicans said that President Chapdelaine is referring to Policy 55 in the Hood College 2016-2017 Student Handbook which states, “Students and their guests are expected to treat all members of the college community with appropriate comportment, respect and civility.”

Members of the Hood College Republicans said they will not be taking down the poster until their time is expired on the wall on campus, which he states is Tuesday, April 25.

“I am sorry that is hurt people and I am sorry that people are offended by this, but at the end of the day, we have the right to say it,” said Gardner.

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