Gov. Larry Hogan endorses Republican Amie Hoeber for Congress


Gov. Larry Hogan endorsed Republican Amie Hoeber for Congress.

With only 55 days until the 2016 election.

“I promise you that if you do everything that you can over the next 55 days to help her win this race then she will spend the next several years doing everything she can to help all of us,” Gov. Larry Hogan, (R) said.

Gov. Hogan endorsed Amie Hoeber who is running for Maryland 6th Congressional District.

“I am immensely delighted to have the governor’s endorsement and I think one of the key things and one of the key reasons why he endorsed me is because he will get with me a congressperson that will work with him than against him,” Amie Hoeber, (R) candidate for congress, said.

Hogan said that people should be paying attention to what Hoeber has to offer to the state.

“A lot of people wrote me off when I was running and said we did not have a chance and I proved them wrong. I think she has the ability to do the exact same thing in 55 days and I think she is going to make an excellent congress woman,” Hogan said.

Hoeber plans to focus on issues around the country like national security, supporting veterans, and transportation.

“Those impact the economic growth in the district as well as the way people live on an everyday basis,” Hoeber said.

Gov. Hogan said that if people want change, everyone should go out and vote.

“We need to do a lot more here in the states, but what we really need is some help in Washington which is why we need someone like Amie Hoeber to go down there and help us at the federal level,” Hogan said.

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