Global Climate Action Summit addresses impacts of climate change locally


The Global Climate Action Summit started this week, and officials in Montgomery County held a briefing on improvements needed in the county to face issues related to climate change.

Wendy Howard, the executive director for One Montgomery Green, stated and posed the question, “We are looking at the fact that we are living longer, so somebody born today may be here 100 years from now. What is the environment going to look like?”

Howard was one of multiple panelists, who addressed concerned residents at the Montgomery County Global Climate Action Summit.

As many acknowledge climate change being a worldwide issue, many are focusing on specific regulations, locally, that could contribute to the start of a healthier environment.

Environmental advocate, Dr. Kathy Michels, said, “Banning certain types of plastics – particularly single-use plastics, water bottles – we need to start educating people.”

Michels is one who is adamant about setting laws in place that will ban plastic. She says the county’s plastic bag tax is just not enough.

Montgomery County Council member, Tom Hucker, says he’s working towards one of the county’s goals to be carbon-free by 2035. “We’re doing a lot of things to drive down the energy consumption, and the carbon footprint of the county, especially in our area in transportation and buildings,” Hucker reported.

Council member Hucker says it’s an ambitious goal, but a lot has to be done. He also talks about another bill. “We introduced one this week, which will make it easier and cheaper for owners of buildings to have solar rays on their roofs,” the council member informed.

Many hope that with this plan, more people will get involved and pay close attention to the climate for a better quality of living in the future. There is a hearing on solar panels Thursday. Officials say they are hoping to pass it within the next month.

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