Glen Echo Park has it’s first LGBTQ family day


Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass hosts this fun-filled day

MONTGOMERY, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County Councilmember at large Evan Glass hosted his first LGBTQ family day Sunday at Glen Echo Park.

Sam Crane, a mother, is a proud LGBTQ member and attended the event. “Just realizing how far we have come,” says Crane as she holds her child, “we can have entire events with families just like us.”

Glen Echo Park has come a long way agrees Glass, “Glen Echo Park has a history of being a segregated park,” says Glass, “and it was the Montgomery County community that fought to desegregate it and make sure that it was open to everybody. And here we are 50, 60 years later and now we are open to LGBTQ families.”

DC is known for carrying LQBTQ events for pride, he says, but it was time to showcase Montgomery County’s willingness to participate.

“I wanted to celebrate our residents to celebrate here,” Evan Glass, “Within our community all our diversity and diverse families.”

“The DC pride can be little bit loud, ” agreed Crane,”hard to take kids (there).”

Bonnie Casper, board president of Glen Echo Park concluded with, “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for families to come out and to celebrate.”

This is one of a series of pride events that Councilmember Glass is hosting this month.

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