Frederick treatment center sets patients on the road to recovery


Makayla Tyeryar is a 23-year-old from Frederick County, Maryland, and says she was addicted to heroin and cocaine since she was 14.

“It started with pain pills and then I went off to heroin and then onto cocaine and then I was back and forth,” said Tyeryar.

However, Tyeryar has been clean for the past year thanks to Brooks Behavioral Health Services, a treatment center who made it their goal to help individuals thrive, not just survive. A husband and wife duo started the company in October, and have helped more than 150 people.

“We offer group therapy, we offer individual …then we offer specific things in terms of criminal behavior, just behaviors of substance abuse and mental health,” said David Brooks, co-owner of Brooks Behavioral Health Services.

Among the several services offered, the ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ program is the newest addition. The program offers free makeovers to participants who graduate from the center.

“We had some clients come and say ‘now that they are clean the next step in life going for job interviews,’ and some of them haven’t had haircuts in a while,” said Adriane Brooks, co-owner of Brooks Behavioral Health Services. “So I figured I would start by reaching out to the Paul Mitchell School,”

“For us to be able to donate the time and the services — it’s also our way of giving back celebrating their success,” said Sharon Riseer of The Temple Paul Mitchell Partner School.

And to Tyeryar, this service has set her out onto the road to recovery. 

“I’m not who I was when I was dealing with addiction,” added Tyeryar.

Meanwhile, the center plans on offering more services in the future and hopes to join in partnership with more organizations.

“I’m trying to get banks, especially for teeth, trying to get our young men and our young women fix some of the things that might have been impaired during their active addiction,” added David Brooks.

Brooks Behavioral Health Services officials say they also offer parole diversion. They have been endorsed by the criminal justice system in Frederick County, Maryland as an approved treatment entity.

To learn more about Brooks Behavioral Health Services, click the link.

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