Frederick County councilmember looking into ban on plastic bags


Councilmember Kai Hagen plans to assemble working group to research options

Plastic bags are widely used in Frederick County. It’s a habit Councilmember Kai Hagen is looking to change.

FREDERICK COUNTY, M.d. (WDVM) — A Frederick County Councilmember is exploring a possible ban or limit of single-use plastic bags.

Walkersville resident Joanne Magluilo says she visits the grocery store about once a week, and usually loads up her groceries in about 15 plastic bags. An amount she admits is a lot.

“It’s ridiculous. And what do you do when you go home? They go in the garbage, and where do they go from there? Who knows?,” Magluilo said.

Magluilo she’s in support of getting rid of single-use plastic bags.

County Councilmember At-large, Kai Hagen, has floated the idea around to fellow councilmembers and City of Frederick aldermen for the few months in an effort to clear up pollution.

“There’s clearly been some interest in trying to figure out the right approach to doing something to reduce the circulation use…the accumulation of those things in our environment, not only as local litter but also as dangerous problems in ocean habitats,” Hagen said.

Hagen says he’s planning to assemble a working group of about eight people to explore what options around the country, and in neighboring counties, are out there to begin a discussion on how to cut back.

“Options include everything from different kinds of fees on plastic bags to an outright ban- and we don’t know which is going to be the best,” said Hagen.

But not everyone in the county is in favor of the possible change.

“Don’t get rid of them. What are we going to do? When I go out the door sometimes, I go to the store and don’t even think about bringing [bags],” explained Frederick County resident, Doris  Knott.

Hagen points out the use of alternatives like bags made from bio-degradable products and re-usable bags.

The working group will likely gather information through the fall.

Hagen anticipated bringing a bill forward to the Frederick County Council in October.

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