Frederick Community College’s Parents Lead program helps students with young children

Wednesday was an exciting night at Frederick Community College. Students and staff with Parents Lead came together to celebrate the program’s one-year anniversary. The program was launched as a way to break down barriers that stand in the way of parents with young children finishing college.

“Parenting is hard enough as it is and trying to navigate school, studying and unpredictable scheduling problems that often come with trying to get a degree program. Parents Lead eliminates all of those barriers,” said Anne Hofmann, Parents Lead program manager.  
The program gives parents scholarships to make college more affordable and helps them pay for childcare. Stacey Celia has four children and is working on becoming an RN. She says Parents Lead has made life a lot easier.

“I was left with come to school, put forth as much effort as I can and be as successful as I can,” said Celia. 
Marjorie Fernandez and Walter Bermudez are married and have two daughters. They moved to U.S. from Costa Rica when they were teens and had to put their education on hold. But, Parents Lead has open doors for both of them.
“The program is helping me pay my education and my classes and part of my books too,” said Fernandez.
“The program has been great. It helps you with everything, not only financially, but they counsel you, they help you with scheduling, they help you with pretty much everything,” said Bermudez. 
Staff are excited for what’s in store for their future graduates.
“Our first cohort graduates this summer and we’re really looking forward to seeing all the exciting things that they do with their degrees,” said Hofmann.

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