Frederick Alderman arrested for DUI on Saturday morning

Derek Shackelford was pulled over by the Frederick Police Department

FREDERICK, Md. - A member of the Frederick Board of Aldermen was arrested on August 25 for driving under the influence. 

For the last eight months, Derek Shackelford (D) has been serving as a Frederick Alderman. He has not only made history for being a part of an all-democratic board, But also being a part of the most diverse board the city has seen. But now, he's in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

The incident started in the area of Rosemont Avenue near 15, where an officer with the Frederick Police Department pulled over a vehicle driving without its headlight. The officer  identified the driver as Derek Shackelford. 

"During the roadside contact with the driver, the officer could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver's breath," said Cpt. Dwight Sommers, Frederick Police Department. 

During the stop, the officer performed several field sobriety tests, at least three. That was when Shackelford was arrested and brought back to the station.

"If he had been involved in a motor vehicle collision, or their would of other associated crimes that would require a driver to go to central booking, all DUI get released after processing," said Cpt. Sommers. 

We reached out to the city, and got this statement from Mayor Michael O'Connor: “The City of Frederick does not have any official comment on this matter. On a personal level, I have known Derek for many years, and this is a process he is going to have to work through, and I wish him the best in getting this resolved.” 

Fellow colleague, Roger Wilson, also sent a statement:

"Personally, I have known Derek and his family for many years and am proud to call him a friend. This news is disappointing. However, I have confidence Derek will learn from this stumble in his life and move forward to continue to serve the citizens of Frederick, as he has done over the past nine months." 

Shackelford said he will not speak while the case is pending. Shackelford was cited for improper headlights, DUI, and DWI. Cpt. Sommers said that with DUI and DWI does require a court appearance. A date has not been set. 

Members of the Frederick County State's Attorney Office said they are aware of the case, and are waiting for charges to be filed before they head to the next step. 

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