Foodie Call: the new term for those who just want food and not you


WDVM spoke with locals who offer a piece of their mind

SILVER SPRING (WDVM) — A new study released by the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal has coined a new term: “foodie call.” Experts say this concept is when women go on dates in order to get free food from their suitors.

Charles Carter is a server in the food industry and he says he has first hand experience of women using men for free grub. When asked if it’s happened to him he replied it had, adding, “It’s a happy meal.”

Of course, there are instances where women really do like to eat with their dates who they are romantically interested in. But Carter isn’t always able to tell.

“I can’t distinguish the difference, it’s almost impossible,” says Carter, “I think one way or the other they are going to get a free meal.”

Other men say they are onto these foodie call games and will not partake.

“I think when someone calls you for food,” says one area resident named Okie. “They only want food.”

Desperate times with people being broke, call for desperate measures he mentions but he still firmly says he is not a fool.

“[Women] should go dutch, you know pay half the bill,” he said.

Although, 22-33 percent of the surveyed women in the 820-person study say they engage in a foodie call, there might be more who aren’t admitting to it. WDVM 25 tried to speak to a number of women in regards to this issue and they refused to be identified as women who do “foodie calls.”

However, one woman, spoke on behalf of her friends.

“They just say like, ‘even if I’m not interested’,” says Wang. “‘It’s a free dinner. I don’t really care.'”

The study reveals the women studied who are prone to having “foodie calls” have a dark triad of personality traits such as narcissism. However, Jon Thomas, a local therapist, disputes any correlation.

“If I could have someone buy all of my food certainly, I would do that,” he said.

Thomas adds traditional gender norms in the past made this behavior acceptable, and only now it seems to be brought up as an issue. But what hasn’t changed, he says, is honesty with the other person, interested or not.

“The only issue is that the man also understands,” he said. “‘I just want to hang out.'”

Societal norms have changed, including using dating apps and splitting the bill, and Thomas says this study is an indication of how society is shifting the way Americans now view dating.

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