Driving course brings senior citizens back into the classroom for a refresher lesson


For the last seven years, Rose Hobson has stood before more than 200 classes of senior citizens to address that they may not be as good of drivers as they used to be.

“One of the worst is the lack of confidence in driving, because there’s a fear,” explained state coordinator for driver safety for AARP, Rose Hobson.

Hobson is a volunteer with the American Associations of Retired Persons, or AARP, and hosted the smart driver training course at the Urbana Senior Center designed for those 50 and older.

“The body starts changing. We can’t see as well, we can’t hear as well, we can’t move as well so this class is designed to help seniors to be smarter and safer,” Robson said.

About 14 community members showed up for the event. Cyril Jardine says he was prompted to attend for one main reason.

“I want to keep myself safe. That’s the basic line. So I need to know how to drive- I’ve been driving for a long time, but everything can be improved,” Jardine said.

The course went through a series of topics, like the dangers of using prescribed medications and operating a vehicle, and updated road laws that target drunk drivers or distracted drivers.

“A lot of them have not heard of the rain law, Noah’s Law, Jake’s Law- the distraction law. So we tell them this is what you do and this is how you react,” Hobson said.

Taking a spin on the roads with rose, she admits that as a 69-years-old she’s begun to notice her own body changing.

“I do notice that our reaction time is slower. So we have to take our time and think about what we’re doing when we’re driving. We have to constantly focus on our driving,” Hobson explained.

But she hopes students leave with not only refreshed on the rules of the road but confidence.

The Frederick County Division of Senior Services and ARRP will host additional courses.

The next class is scheduled for May 31 at the Frederick Senior Center.

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