Cyber Friday and scam emails

Do you ever ask yourself, is this a normal email that I would expect from a particular person? Any “scam” can take place in a variety of forms. Cyber officials say they’re seeing a trend in scam emails that trick users into doing things or sending money to cyber criminals. “Some of the more popular cards are, amazon cards, google play, iTunes,” Lee Janes said, the Director of operations for Clark Computer Service.
Clark Computer Services says this is something they see frequently. A cybercriminal recently tricked one of their client’s employees into purchasing over $800 dollars in gift cards. “Requesting that they purchase eight amazon gift cards with a dollar amount of 100 each card and then they were asked to send it to another email address that they didn’t even recognize,” Janes said. Cyber professionals say these scam emails come from accounts that have already been hacked, which is what made the employee think it was from management.
“They use robotic bots on the web or they also learn who the principals are in a business and figure out whose authorized to request money and they use that to pray on their victims,” Janes said. If you think an email is suspicious, it may have unfamiliar email address or links that want to redirect you to different sites. “Pick up the phone and call the person that sent you that email and verify that they requested you to do what they’re asking you to do in that email,” Janes said.
Cyber professionals say, if you ever become a victim of a scam email to contact the federal trade commission.

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