Cyber Friday and Mobile Malware

Did you know that your phone is just as susceptible to malware as your computer is? Malware can happen without proper protection.
“Most people are using their mobile phone, we’re finding a rise of malware on the phones themselves,” Darren Clark said, owner of Clark Computer Services.
Mobile malware can unleash a wide range of cyber threats.

“We’re finding, infected phones we’re finding applications on there that might be Trojans,” Clark said. 
Viruses and trojans can be embedded in what seems like a legitimate app, but what you can’t see can be most threatening to your data.
Phones are categorized with computers and face the same threats. “In fact it is a computer, you click on that link, your mobile phone can get infected if the person that wrote that program wrote it for a mobile phone, it’s just as dangerous,” Clark said. 
When it comes to downloading apps from your mobile store, the majority of people are quick to click the “free” apps. “If you’re on an iPhone go through the apple store if you’re on Google or an android phone go through Google play because the manufacture of your phone do a process of the applications to try to screen out anything that might have malicious software in it,” Clark said.
Putting a lock on your mobile device is just one of many ways to keep your phone safe in case you lose it or someone steals it. “Some people don’t put security codes on their phones so when they lose it or if a criminal steals the phone then they have access to the programs on the phone like your banking information,” Clark said. 

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