Cyber Friday and backing up your data


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Did you know that 31% of PC users have lost all their files due to not backing up their data? Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. 34% of companies fail to test their back up systems. “Or, the backups have been running, but they haven’t been backing up at the right location or they have been airing out and people just don’t know it,” Darren Clark said, owner of Clark Computer Services.

One of the mistakes people make is moving their files to an external drive and think they’re backing them up properly. “The cloud” is a place where you can safely store your information. It’s important to have your files in more than one place” Clark said. “Apple provides you with a certain amount of backup space on their cloud to back up all the pictures or whatever you’re storing on your mobile device and I encourage people to turn that on and to make sure and periodically check to make sure those files are being backed up,” Clark said.

Backing up your data doesn’t have to be difficult. The majority of people don’t back up their data, because they don’t know how. “There are back up vendors out there, like “” go to their website, download a program onto your computer and it will walk you through configuring it, Clark said.

These type of companies back up your data and keep it safe if you fall victim to a hack or lose your data. Just like you would back up your computers’ data, you want to make sure you back up your mobile device too.

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