County officials warn of increased spoof calls


If you think you’ve been answering more spam calls than usual lately, Frederick County, Maryland officials say it’s true.

The county sheriff’s office is warning residents and others of an uptick in not only spam calls but also spoof calls.

They say scammers have changed their phone numbers to show up as the same number for the sheriff’s office line and the county health department number.

And scammers are even posing as lieutenant’s or health officials and asking you to pay off warrants or Medicare bills.

“If [you] get a call from the sheriff’s office or the health department and it seems fishy, it seems like something’s off, we encourage you to hang up and manually redial the number that was spoofed. If it’s spam you’ll get obviously a legitimate representative,” explained spokesperson for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Taylor Clarke.

Officials say the best course of action is to not engage with suspicious callers, but do report them to law enforcement.

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