County officials and residents welcome a green-friendly program to help low-income families

Cheers and applauds filled the lobby of MHP Beall’s Grant Apartments in Rockville, Maryland as County Executive Marc Elrich along with County Vice President Sideny Katz and Program Manager for the Environmental Protection Department, Larissa Johnson, announced a new plan of action for those wanting to save money.

It’s available for anyone wanting to save money but more so tailored for low-income families.

“They pay less money on their utility bill and the county is producing less greenhouse gases…”Johnson explained,” so it’s a win, win, win.”

Residents will receive showerheads, LED bulbs, and free energy testing in their apartment if they currently pay an electricity bill in Maryland and schedule a no-cost Quick Home Energy Check-up through their electricity provider. “All of this will reduce the costs of utilities…” claimed Elrich.

The residents were thrilled to hear they could not only save a buck but also save the planet.
“I like to contribute to helping the environment,” MHP Beall’s Grant Apartment resident Karen Weber stated, “in ways not to make it worse.”
She also said she went down to the lobby to not only enjoy the food but to learn about how to be eco-friendly.
The staff of this program had set up for residents such as Karen Weber to be informed about how to be cost-efficient and help the environment.
The answer was inside dozens of green-friendly bags being given away that contained brochures on green information and also how to apply for green-friendly programs to save money that many low-income families qualify for.
“We (Montgomery County Council) are glad we are doing this,” said Elrich,” This is a launch of a program, so you are seeing it here but we are going to be doing this in more places around the country.”
According to a statement by Larissa Johnson, 1,770 residents that will be getting hand-delivered bags to promote this program. 

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