Community heroes stop dog attacks


A pair of good Samaritans were awarded for their work in stopping a pair of potentially fatal dog attacks.

When Adiel Salazar was attacked by pit bulls earlier this year while out on a maintenance job, he called to the heavens for help and Jorge Quantanilla came to his rescue.

“It was god willing that I was there,” said Quantanilla. “I am not supposed to drive in that area. I feel glad that I did what I did.”

Lucas Burger made do with the few tools at hand when he saw a couple and their dog being ambushed by other dogs that had broken free from restraints.

“I grabbed the broom and started hitting the one dog across the face to get it off of Yuki,” said Burger. “I hit it three or four times in the face as hard as I could and he let it go.”

Lucas also received a commendation from the Montgomery County Council for his actions.

“I’m probably going to put it on my wall above my desk in my bedroom,” said Burger. “Never going to forget that day. No never. It is going to stay in my brain forever.”

According to officials, although the actions were heroic, they would not have been needed if not for a few dog owners who made bad decisions.

“After asking the dog’s owner to put the dogs inside the owner refused,” said Montgomery County Animal Services Director Thomas Koenig. “Mr. Salazar decided to return to his work van. Prior to getting into his van both dogs broke their tethers and began attacking and biting Mr. Salazar.”

But for Yuki and her owners, it was a reminder that guardian angels do exist.

“Were it not for Lucas, I would have died and so would Yuki and certainly the injuries to my wife would have been much greater,” said Dembski.

All of the dogs involved in these two attacks were officially labeled as dangerous by the county and my end up being put down pending an appeal by their owners.

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